The Importance of Education in Your Financial Plans


Very few things you do (especially in early life) will better your financial situation in the long run more than getting a solid education. The more education you receive the more developed your skill set will be. You will be better qualified in the job force than will other candidates. Another oft overlooked benefit of getting a solid education is that you learn how to manage your time, write papers, research, and meet the deadlines set for you. These skills will transfer over when you enter the work place.

Now let me be clear on a few points. I am not saying that if you do not get a post-high school education you will never make good money or be financially stable. I know a few people who never went to college (a couple of them actually dropped out of high school) who earn a very healthy income. So I’m not saying it’s impossible or that a lack of an education is some damning quality, but let’s be frank. Such individuals are exceptions to the rule. In fact the level of education Americans receive is directly proportional to income levels. So on average the more an individual progresses through the education system, the more money they make in the long run.

What Type of Education Should You Get?

Now when I talk about getting an education, I don’t mean just a typical associates or bachelors degree. Vocational skills, certifications, and apprenticeships are also great ways to further education while at the same time getting hands on experience. Now obviously y0u shouldn’t waste money paying for tuition just for the sake of getting an education. You need to find something that you are passionate about it. Sure when decided upon a career, you can factor in the prospective income that a certain career might provide, but if income is the only thing you are considering you will burn out long before you find success in that career.

How To Be Successful In Learning

Now just “getting an education” entails so much more than just passing your classes. I know student who have aced their classes, and received a degree without ever picking up a text book. Getting good grades (while important) is not as important as mastering the concepts and actually gaining a fundamental understanding of the course material. You need to stay motivated and stay inspired in your educational pursuits as a student. If you can stay focused in your educational pursuits, you will gain a true knowledge of the information and principles in your field, and you will have the discipline to succeed in the work place.

A word of caution, it’s very easy to let little things get in the way of your education. For those of you with jobs, you know how difficult it is to come back to work after a vacation. Likewise, after taking a sick day from school it can be tempting to overdue it. Sure there are different types of illnesses and varying degrees of symptoms. Occasionally bed rest and extended leave from school, but these should be rare exception. During times like this it can be helpful to have friends in class who can take notes for you when you are ill, and you can return the favor for them when they take sick days. You can record quotations from class for them and even perhaps include a little note for them about getting well soon. If you want to put in a little effort, you can find some cool quotes for the sick here. When you are sick every little bit of support helps, and feeling the love and care of others can actually help you feel better. Don’t feel weird about showing others how you feel about them, and help inspire them to recover faster.

If you don’t have the money to pay for college or to get any formal schooling at this time, do not fret! The wonderful thing about the internet is that there is free information EVERYWHERE you look. You can work to further your education on subjects that interest you. You have an infinite number of resources to help you research them. You will find free or cheap ebooks on the subject. You can read blogs of people documenting their experiences with that particular subject. Often times you will be able to find free online courses or websites that will begin teaching you virtually anything you want to know about your chosen topic. Even though you won’t get any school credit for your efforts the knowledge you gain will be invaluable. It will hold you over until a time when you are in a better position to further your education and get a formal document stating that you know the material. If you take this route, it will take a lot of self discipline. You won’t have a teacher giving you deadlines and grading your work. You will need to pace yourself to make sure you are taking you pursuits seriously. But always keep this in mind: “The more education you gain, the better prepared you will be to prosper in today’s (and tomorrow’s) economy.”

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